Dilnavaz Mehta is an art historian and an entrepreneur.
She has a M.Sc degree in Microbiology and a diploma in Indian Aesthetics.

Out of interest and a quest to know her roots, she studied the languages of Avesta and Pahlavi - both ancient languages concerned with the religious scriptures of the Zoroastrians. She is greatly interested in the study and research of Zoroastrian history and religion.
She has been spearheading a trust fund for the appreciation and dissemination of Zoroastrian history, religion and culture within the community for the last fifteen years.
She has been a trustee on the board of various trusts and is presently the Jt. Secretary of the J. N. Petit Reading Room and Library.

On the academic and professional front, she has extensively researched and studied antiquarian books, maps, prints, paintings, drawings published in and on India from the sixteenth century till the early twentieth century.
She has given presentations and lectures at Universities and at national seminars as well as authored articles for magazines, travel journals and art publications on these subjects.
She is a visiting lecturer for post graduate studies in Indian aesthetics, her area of expertise being drawings, paintings, prints, maps and books on India made in the British era.
She is a book critic.

In her endeavour to increase awareness about rare, fascinating and historically relevant books, maps and prints she curates their exhibitions on a regular basis.
Through her company Rare Finds which she set up in the year Nineteen ninety six, she deals in antiquarian books, maps and prints.
She also advises individuals, corporates and cultural organisations on maintaining their libraries and investing in art.
Her company Rare Finds and she been profiled and featured in leading national and international newspapers, magazines and television channels.